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Guide to the Best Lap Dances Brisbane Clubs Offer, You Decide Your Fate

Want to get the best lap dances Brisbane strippers have to offer?

Making the “best” happen actually depends on you. How you dress up and act around the dancers can make a huge impact on how your night will turn out. Ergo, if you want to experience the most unforgettable lap dance, you should observe proper behaviour.

How to Guarantee a Satisfying Lap Dance

Be a good strip club customer

  • Ask how much a lap dance cost beforehand and avoid surprises when it’s over.
  • If you’re interested in getting a lap dance from a specific stripper, offer to buy her drinks. Even if she declines, she will be appreciative of your thoughtfulness.
  • Be clear of what you want and lay down upfront if you want additional lap dances or other services.
  • Be polite and respectful when dealing with the dancers. This will guarantee the best lap dances Brisbane dancers offer.
  • Strippers can touch you but not the other way around. So hands off. The rules apply to other parts of your body as well.
  • Don’t take photos or film the dance while it’s happening.
  • Say no to things you don’t want done to you. There are no rules against saying NO.
  • Don’t get drunk and act like a drunken fool when getting a lap dance.
  • Tip generously. The best customers always tip more than the usual 10%.

Be sure to dress appropriately

  • Soft pants will prove beneficial both ways—dancers would enjoy rubbing against you, and you will feel plenty even with your pants as a barrier.
  • Follow the dress code or play safe with a button-down shirt and tie. A formal jacket would add to your appeal as well.
  • Leave the belt with big buckles at home and empty your pockets before a lap dance.
  • Practice good hygiene. Don’t be that guy that strippers would avoid like the plague because you stink in more ways than one.

Respect the club

  • The stage is for the performers, so don’t jump on it.
  • Pay attention to what’s happening on stage and enjoy the show. Don’t take a call or text constantly.
  • Avoid flirting with other customers. You should vie for the stripper’s attention instead.
  • Follow all the club rules, from the dress code to getting a lap dance.
  • Respect should be given to everyone in the club, from the wait staff to the dancers and, especially, the security team.

Keep these in mind and your visit to a strip club would be most enjoyable. Whether in Brisbane or a different city, it is important that you behave properly.

And when it comes to paying for the best lap dances Brisbane strippers provide, make it worth your while by observing lap dance etiquette.

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